The Brief

We were assigned the task of creating a user experience that not only introduced new consumers to the world of Bondi but retain that important relationship with the consumers who already support and buy from the brand. Getting people on board was to visually create a storyboard that would explain the originality, the backstory and the taste. Having the website in one page would allow us to visit all these areas, giving them each the visuals, space and content provided to inform and turn any visitors into potential fans of the Brand.

Our Approach

We had a clear vision from the outstart to completely revitalise Bondi’s presence online with the relaunch. We knew we could achieve this with big, striking imagery, along with descriptive text it would be the right way to try and almost get users to taste Bondi without having a Bondi to hand. We sectioned the one-page site to specific topic & sectors such us about the company, about the beer i.e. the taste, the story i.e. the history, social media and a contact us with a web form. The site had to appeal not only to retail but trade as well so we had to ensure the site was extremely engaging for such a simple site.

We had to make sure the site was covered by all EU legal requirements. One of those requirements was for the site to require the age of someone accessing the website over the age of 18 along, we done this with an automatic pop-up landing page and updated any additional legal terms and conditions to ensure the site was compliant.

Lastly, We optimised the site to ensure that it worked on all modern day devices and browsers.

The Results

Visually the project never started off as using such effects as parallax, but we found this to be a good way to transition into the next story section. Because the new Bondi website would also be a one page site this allowed us to really push the envelope creatively on what we could do, to make each section as visually engaging as the next. The finished site was a mouth-watering, refreshing website that will be sure to leave a lasting impression.


Bondi Beer Before