The Brief

Fenn approached us to help rebuild their previously outdated website. They come to us with the goal of creating a website that would help there clients and sales team with all of the information they would require to enquire for the right product. The previous site was really set back in the stone age and needed to be made mobile friendly along with being more SEO friendly to help promote their products. Fenn tasked us to promote their key UVP which was to highlight that they provided a high level of service to their clients to help promote added value to their products.

Our Approach

We worked very closely with Fenn for a period of a month prior to creating the website to ensure we had the right strategy and understood the business and the goals fully before we begun creating their new website. This was key to creating a website that would provide a high level of visibility, function and features they required.

We managed to acquire some fantastic photography of their products and we used this to full affect across the site with the full width layout.

Next we built a full functionally CMS so that they could update the site on a regular basis. We also built a bespoke PDF catalogue system so they could upload and promote their products.

The Results

The final result was a website that promoted the products through a high-quality level of design, an easy to navigate website full of all of the information an engineer looking for their product would require. The design successfully promoted a professional corporate image promoting the fact that they where a nationwide company. The client was extremely satisfied with the final product and we continue to work closely with them to support and help them promote their business.