The Brief

Hyperchips approached us a few years back.  We first built an SEO strategy for Hyperchips to help them achieve their main goal, which was to be found online for “ECU remapping”. When we started working with Hyperchips they had no real outreach so our aim was to promote the brand and to get them found for some of the most competitive keywords in their industry. Hyperchips have been a client of ours for a few years. They come back to us time and again for visual, functional and marketing updates.

Our Approach

With the use of the fantastic imagery from Steve at Hyperchips we made full use of this and applied it to their new website design. To help modernise the site and make full effect of all of the imagery supplied to us we turned the website into full width mobile-friendly website rather than a contained out of date site it was before.

We built in some great new bespoke features into the site to increase lead generation and improve the customer experience. One of those features was called the Performance Checker, this allowed the potential customer to look up their vehicle using their vehicle’s registration to see what Hyperchips could do for their vehicle. Another addition to the new redesign was to help Hyperchips to branch out into a larger company. We setup a Hyperchips Dealer section which was the first step to aid Hyperchips into becoming a franchise company. We setup a full franchise system to allow business owners to have the opportunity to join them and sell the same services.

Getting Found

We setup a strong SEO strategy expanding the site with specific landing pages helping Hyperchips to target some really competitive keywords. We worked on these for over a year to produce some really strong results.

Getting Social

When hyperchips first approached us they had only 168 followers on facebook and much of the same with other social media platforms. Our plan was to increase their brand awareness to their target market.

The Results

Hyperchips is one of our many success stories. Generating around five leads per month prior to approaching us, they now get between 75 and 100 leads each week thanks to our improved website design and revamped marketing strategy. Thats an increase of over 1500% + in lead generation! We have achieved over 100 plus keywords on the first page of Google since taking over with their search engine optimisation.