The Brief

Screedafloor where referred to us to help them with their website and online marketing. Our first request was to get them high up in search engines for relative local keywords and phrases. They where getting a lack of leads from their website and they wanted their website to work for them rather than just wasting money doing nothing with it. Screedafloor also wanted us to re-create a friendly but professional image with a new modern website. With this we created an in-depth marketing strategy, a new website & video promotion.

Our Approach

Our first approach was to rebuild Screedafloor’s website. In order to make sure we covered the friendly visual of the site we created paul someone who you could the potential clients could relate to and ask for help. The next goal was to ensure we created a professional image with the sites design through a thorough design process.

In order to make sure the website was used to its full potential in-order to gain leads we put in a strong lead generating strategy into the new website. To do this we had to make sure that call to actions where always visible throughout the site and used in all of the right areas of the site to full effect.

The next step was to work on a strong SEO strategy so they would be found online by clients related to their business. In order to do this we had to make sure they where ranking in local related phrases and keywords in Google and other search engines.

Lastly to help gain some accreditation and ensure we kept to the corporate and professional image they where looking for we created a basic corporate video for promotion.

The Results

Back in early 2017 they were receiving just 1-2 leads on average each month. We made sure to to take this a priority by . With a revamp of their online site, some new and engaging content, and an improved SEO strategy, they’re now receiving between one and two organic leads every single day. Screedafloor are ranking extremely successfully in all of the targeted areas with their SEO campaign with us. With the leads they are now generating it is clear that our strategy and work for Screedafloor has been an absolute success and generated an extremely high return with their investment.